The Style Scribe Capsule Wardrobe for 2022

The Style Scribe Capsule Wardrobe for 2022

I’ll share one article with you weekly based on the articles in this week’s Style Scribe Issue. We’re sharing how to create your perfect 22-piece capsule wardrobe this week! I am so impressed with this feature that I’ve decided to adapt it to my version of a 2022 capsule wardrobe! I will update my capsule wardrobe yearly, just like this stunning list from The Style Scribe. Please peek at their list to see what essential pieces you need in your closet!


In my last post, I outlined how to start thinking about your capsule wardrobe and helped create a style profile. I will take you through compiling your closet into a capsule wardrobe this time. As your list will likely differ from someone else’s, it is important to find things that work for you rather than trying to copy them. That being said, some general guidelines will help you narrow down what items go on your list. 

Start by taking an inventory of all the clothes in your closet. Make a note of what items need to be replaced or could be removed from the cabinet entirely because they don’t work with the style profile or just don’t fit anymore.

History of the style scribe

I’m the Style Scribe. For over a decade, I’ve been helping women streamline their wardrobes and simplify their lives with my capsule wardrobe consulting services. Before I started The Style Scribe, I worked with top brands like Coach and Calvin Klein for years in corporate retail management and merchandising positions. After getting married to my college sweetheart and having two kids, we moved from New York City to Portland to pursue our dream of starting a family in the Pacific Northwest. As many of you know, finding time to dress amidst busy days at work, running after your little ones, and managing all of life’s other obligations can be challenging.

Who is behind Style Scribe Capsule?

The Style Scribe is a New York City-base fashion and lifestyle blogger obsess with Style, clothes, and shoes since she was a little girl. She moved to NYC in 2010 to study Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design. While planning the September issue, she interned at Vogue Magazine with the Editors and Fashion Directors. The following year, she graduated from Parsons and worked as an assistant designer at Ralph Lauren. After three years of designing menswear collections for international markets in London and Hong Kong, she returned to her passion: blogging about fashion!

How does Style Scribe Capsule work?

Switching from a traditional to a capsule wardrobe can be overwhelming. Many people want to know what they should do with all their everyday clothes and how they would shop going forward. I’m here to show you that it can be easy and quick. The first thing is to start cleaning out your closet. This will involve removing anything you don’t love or wear and donating it if possible. Then, list the items you need to purchase, and go shopping! Don’t buy anything unless you try it on first, and don’t forget to try it on with other items in your closet.

Out with the old, in with the new

If you are going to make significant changes in your life, now is the time. A sustainable and ethical capsule wardrobe will be possible in 2022 for the first time. It may seem hard at first, but taking these steps will ultimately make life easier and help you achieve your goals in the long term. So here are three tips on how to go green with your clothes: 

First, buy new clothes only when necessary or when you love an item. Secondly, avoid fast fashion and secondhand stores by buying vintage or gently used items from thrift stores or consignment shops instead. And finally, reuse what you have! Buy high-quality pieces like leather jackets or cardigans that will last for decades rather than opting for cheaply made clothing from big retailers.


My clothes are versatile, and I can mix and match them to create outfits. 

I have more time to focus on my job, my hobbies, or other interests that I may have. 

There is less waste because clothes are not being thrown away every season. 

I am using my money wisely on clothes I only wear once or twice.


  • More time to spend on more important things 
  • No impulse shopping 
  • More money saved 
  • Clothes that fit better and last longer 
  • Less stress when finding clothes to wear


  • The cost of a capsule wardrobe is significantly less than this but can vary depending on what you buy and where.


Ten years ago, I started my Style blog and began chronicling my journey toward building a capsule wardrobe. Style Scribe has become a place where people from all over the world come to learn about fashion, clothing, and personal style. I am so grateful to you all for following along on this journey. Ten years from now, what will your wardrobe look like? What will your Style Scribe look like in 2032? 

 In my 10th Anniversary Year of blogging, I invite you to join me in celebrating one year of building a capsule wardrobe and committing to making your capsule wardrobes with me. How will your life change? How will your wardrobe look? What new items will you add or remove from your closet? When I wrote The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge in 2013, one question stuck out to me: how would you feel if, at some point in time, all of your clothing were lost or stolen or burned and you had to start over completely? Could you build a new wardrobe that reflects who you are today and can take into account all of the changes in your life over a decade? This year is not about losing weight.


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