Brunt Work Boots 2023: Very Comfortable For Men And Woman

Brunt Work Boots 2023: Very Comfortable For Men And Woman

How on earth can you advise the top Brunt Work Boots for men and women who work in the trades? Everyone’s foot is unique, and each business has its qualities and priorities. It becomes complicated once you factor in the tens of thousands of options from numerous high-quality companies in various patterns and styles. To avoid doing this review into a dictionary, we’ve been attempting to cut down the list for weeks, and we’re still leaving out a lot of excellent boots. Although these are the most significant work boots in each category, we had to remove some of our favorites.

A good pair of boots is essential for people who operate in challenging conditions and are on their feet all day. Even boots of average quality can soon become worn out. Therefore it’s crucial only to buy the best of the best. It depends on how demanding the labor is.

By highlighting quality that can survive a variety of working circumstances, Brunt Boots hopes to contribute something valuable.

How Do Brunt Boots Work?

Brunt Boots is a firm form on a love for dependable, long-lasting work boots that offers a wide selection of footwear for demanding vocations and demanding working environments. The items are intend for people who work in trades like construction and any other industry that requires comfortable yet reliable work boots.

Additionally, because constant hard work tends to wear down the body, their boots are made to protect the feet. Additionally, because they conduct business directly with consumers, their prices are often lower than those of well-known boot brands.

Authenticity of Brunt Boots

Yes, Brunt Boots is an honest company.  Around two years ago, Eric Girouard founded them, and since then, they have grown in popularity. Even though his company is still young, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Eric comes from a long line of dedicate workers, which is evident in how his boots are made.

Promised by Brunt Work Boots

Promised by Brunt Work Boots

With Brunt work boots, there is a multi-guarantee:

  • No sacrificing quality.
  • 30-day risk-free promise
  • not inflated by middlemen

The final two are relatively straightforward. If unsatisfied with the boots, you can return them for a full refund. Since you’re making a straight purchase online, there isn’t a retailer in the middle who requires a profit margin.

In this review, I’ll focus on the first one. Brunt will need to provide you with more value for your money than the competition if it wants to succeed in the competitive world of work boots.

Style of brunt boots

When viewed from the top, the boot has mostly double stitching with some single seams at the top. A moccasin-style appearance is create by the toe box’s contrast stitch color. Even though the stitching looks more decorative, it complements the welts above the outsole. Instead of welting, Brunt exclusively promotes a high-quality cement (glue) structure. High out-of-the-box flexibility is a bonus. For a wedge, the outsole has a traditional light hue. It has a characteristic wedge shape and a shallower tread pattern than other work boots with heels. The medium brown leather looks great with black lace hardware. We don’t anticipate them to be a weak point due to their metal construction and riveted attachment.

Are Brunt Boots Fit and Comfort?

Brunt chooses a framework with a uniform breadth. Put on the boot and carry on with your day if you typically wear a D width (average). If your feet are wide, remove the gray insert from the bottom of the footbed to give it more room. There are three layers to the replaceable insole: a nonstick top layer, memory foam in the center, and cushioned bottom layer. The key area where Brunt had to decide is the midsole, where a rubber foam is located. This foam is denser than EVA and other foam midsoles, as seen in boots like the Keen Utility Cincinnati.

You’ll notice it if you spend all day working on concrete or asphalt because it’s not as comfortable because of this. However, it’s not unpleasant. Said it is less cozy.

Less difference exists on other surfaces like soil, rocky terrain, and grass.

It should last longer than less dense foams thanks to the layer’s higher density. We anticipate this midsole to stay for a year or longer, unlike some work boots that require replacement after about six months of use.


According to its producers, Brunt work boots are premium boots offered at the lowest price. 

Their top-notch characteristics enable this:

  • Leather that is waterproof and full-grain
  • The midsole is made of rubber foam, and the outsole is made of rubber.
  • Insole with three layers of comfort
  • Alternative lacing mechanism for speed hooks
  • Adjustable inserts for width
  • At the heel, reinforced stitching


  • convenient fit
  • No cost delivery
  • trial term of 30 days


  • You can’t try them on before buying because of the online sales model.

What country produces Brunt work boots?

Because work boots originated in the USA, some people only want to purchase boots made there. They are also favored because skill leather workers who employ lasts designed after American feet make them.

But due to increased labor and production costs in the United States, including higher taxes, the “Made in the USA” label also carries a higher price tag.

This is another justification for anyone looking to cut costs to buy work boots like Rockrooster and Brunt boots made abroad.In addition to having prices typically lower than those of boots made in the United States, these boots are also of high quality.

The American company Brunt, in particular, manufactures labor boots in Jinjiang, China. This is because American manufacturers still need access to the technology required to produce their shoes.

When were Brunt boots released?

In 2020, Brunt boots made their debut. They are new to the workwear market, but customers are already giving them positive reviews.

Is Red Wing superior to Brunt?

People contrast Redwing boots with Brunt boots for a variety of reasons. They are comparable in terms of style, to start with. Additionally, they collaborate with foreign manufacturers. Yes, some Red Wings are create in China, Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia.


It makes sense to pay close attention to the materials and how and where the footwear is created and produced, as they have a specific function.

Given their attributes, benefits, and manufacturing location, you should consider buying a pair of Brunt work boots when making your next purchase. After all, the globe has to be on the lookout for the Brunt workwear brand.


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