PPP stands for Paycheck Protection Program. PPP detective is a loan website created by United States based website. It works to detection of fraudulent loans with the United States government paycheck protection program COVID-19 program. Brian Hamachak and a UX designer Megan Drescher launched this website in April 1, 2021. Brian Hamachak is a software engineer.

Background of PPP Detective

The Paycheck Protection Program detective website was created because of news reports of widespread fraud within the COVID-19 relief program sponsored by the Paycheck Protection Program. The purpose of PPP detective website is to increase local knowledge from people who live in United States. It can help to determine which loans in their local geographical area. It is best for USA people who live near the business to determine if the loan is correct or not. This website shows SBA’s (Small Business Administration) public data glooms to defined loan detail.

To avoid fraudulent loans, PPP detective include other third party. It can use some other resources such as Google maps and Google view images. User can show location flags and third party can verify the flag loans.

Functionality Of PPP Detective

The website contains four major features that are performed step by steps. First to check up data loan from SBA ( Small Businesses Administration). Second to verify loan by third party as google street view images or google maps. Third to check loan flag fraudulent reviews. And then last to clear PPP fraud news articles.

What type of businesses verify for the PPP DETECTIVE?

In small business the SBA has made PPP loan with under 500 employees. In which many small businesses include some are restaurant or hospitality chains with more than 500 employees. The Corporation, pass-through entities, independent contractors, and some other self-employed individuals are all eligible for a PPP loan.

PPP Loan Given For $30,000 OR Less

PPP detectives approve 412 loans, with nearly $53 million going to health care and social assistance. Maximum PPP loans distributed were for $30,000 or less.

Why is PPP data publicly available on SBA?

As PPP loan is an emergency loan program that controlled by SBA. Due to situations, information of all loans issued by the SBA is available information by law of Freedom of Information Act. SBA resisted releasing full data by third party on PPP loan recipients. Last updates of finally data released in late 2020.SBA provided all information and displayed on this SBA website under the complete guidelines. Any people can compliance with 5 U.S.U, 552 (Freedom of information Act) and 552a(the privacy Act).Federal Pay does not changed the data and makes no claims according to its accuracy.


By FOIA lawsuit can released all original data of PPP loan under $150,000. FedralPayhas published this updated data, for all companies who can that received a PPP loan.

Correction of misspelling, duplicates records or missing data

The SBA can reflect any errors or misspellings in data. Business persons personal information was an optional field on most bank’s PPP applications, and thus the majority of PPP loan records (over 70%) do not include this data. For PPP loan the SBA may require better personal information when companies file for forgiveness.

Who Enable for PPP Loan Forgiveness?

People enable PPP loan who live in United States country. Borrowers can give application of loan forgiveness after all the request payment has been used. If the borrower cannot apply forgiveness within 10 months of the last day of the covering period, then the PPP loan payments are not forgiveness and he/she paying the loan payments.

Prospective PPP LOAN fraud in Wichita Country

By the PPP detective a non-governmental website that allow people to arise a flag prospective PPP loan fraud. A total of 60 businesses in Wichita Falls are flagged as potentially fraudulent. Wichita country flagged business received loans about $20,000 or less.

A PPP detective reports receiving eleven reports from the local business with the most flags. In which only one employee child day care services can receive $20,570.

Two business received eight reports each a beauty salon employee received $18,000 and other “Personal services” employee was unable to received $21,000.

Due to latest report of PPP detective, PPP loan payout on this flagged business ranged from $5,000 to more than $1.1 million.


PPP detective portal or website is an original initiation to detect and report fraud in the PPP loans recipients. However, it gives many helped for caught of fraud loans and to find original loan people. SBA can give helped to check out the PPP loan flag as a third party by using of U.S.U laws Acts.


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