Antiwordle: A Guide to Playing and Strategies

Antiwordle: A Guide to Playing and Strategies

Have a nice day, Antiwordle game is wording puzzle game. If you have already played wordplay and found it easy, then you would not be able to stop playing this game. It is so amazing game for those persons who can find any new thing. This game can challenge you to complete it. Josh Wardle is developer of this game in October, 2021. It is online game because it works on web browser.

There are many puzzled games areintroduce in market but these are not so amazing as this wordle. It can work on your vocabulary where you can think any new word that may not be know it.

What is Antiwordle?

Antiwordle is an amazing game that you can be played in daily routines. When any one can start it then him/her cannot stop playing it till lose it? User can face different challenge. we can try guess the word of the day word as it is presented to you. When you use letters you have already used it, the program simply block them and show you to check the arrange them in the hidden word in Antiwordle extremely difficult today.

What are rules of this wordle game?

The rules of this game are very simple and straight forward. In other words, it is the inverse of the simple term. There are three different colors are used for different clues. If you clear or finished the game, it displaysyour options to share it on your social networks. Please forward this to your friends. When a letter is in purple color, then you simple enter the next word with pink of the same color. If any letter of word may be yellow that means no meaning to them. They will be again used any other shade of color by giving of clues.

  1. When a letter with red color in the correct position then you must put the put the next letter with the same position.
  2. When a letter color with yellow, it means that you have to use that letter in the next word, but not put on the same place where you put first letter.
  3. If all letter is show in gray, it means you will not able to use them in the next word since you already know that they do not exist.

The purpose if an Antiwordle participant is to win. If you achieve this, you must avoid using any letters that appear in gray color. The update Antiwordle more hardly mode converted when you play again and again.

How to play Antiwordle online?

Basically, wordle is online game that play on web browser. Wordle is an effective way to make beautiful phrases. By playing this game user learn English vocabulary and phrases. Antiwordle is a game that guide you as like wordle. but in this updated time of games, you are not tasked complete with all three accurately before the time runs out and your goal is also to drop for many times.

There are many guesses available on the Antiwordle web page. It shows many words posted on last week’s problem. Using of these guesses you make it possible to avoid these using any repeated combos.

Examples to play Antiwordle

When you write 5 letter word, in this attempt it will you what letters exist in the searched form and if it can exist in correct place, it will turn green and if it is not existed in correct place, it will turn yellow. Antiwordle slightly hard then wordle.

Whose words best for first?

There are many words that can help to start at first word. CRANE and IDEA BUT it is worst first word for survival game, there for it is better to start with a repeated letters like PETER or TAPER.  I have compiled a list of the 5 best words to start Antiwordle.

  • Taper
  • Pater
  • Peart
  • Perez
  • Peter

Pro tips

In previous form of wordle, user automatically switches you to ‘Hard Mode’ but in Antiwordle never switch it. In Antiwordle you can try new words every time you play. You can start with the same word every time, but take to challenge you, not pick a word you have not used before.

Can a user get Antiwordle unlimited?

Every person can access easily Antiwordle unlimited. Just visit to access unlimited mode for endless gameplay with 4 to 11 letter words. you can simply access Antiwordle on your phone, desktop at any time.

Is Antiwordle unlimited safe?

While the original Antiwordle is completely free and safe. According to the website 9 to 5Mac, the creator Josh Wardle has pledged to keep the game free and ad-free. Even you do not own any trademark of the game.

How much did wordle sell for?

In latest news it is most popular game in market. Every one want to play this game. There are billions of users of this game. New York Times can want bought this game in $1 million. This price shows its popularity.

Some Antiwordle archive of previous words

DateAntiwordle answers
20 Dec 2022CYCLE
21 Dec 2022CLAIM
22 Dec 2022EXACT
23 Dec 2022BRIEF


Every thing is possible if you decide it and struggle hard. This game shows that learning of any thing can possible as form of game. Where some other action and simulations games popular, it can also be fine for those people who can find a new thing and think about some different. I am sure you this search can help you to learn about this game.


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