Bed Bugs During The Day (Simple Guidelines)

Bed Bugs During The Day (Simple Guidelines)


You undoubtedly wince when you hear the phrase “bed bugs.” Although we’ve all heard of the creatures, they frequently seem to be problems that only other people have to deal with. For example, you may remember the children’s rhyme, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

20% of Americans have a bed bug infestation or are aware of someone who has. This is according to In other words, bed bug breakouts are widespread, but they are also quite annoying and stressful. But just like anything else, it’s critical to respond accurately to contain a bed bug infestation.

Knowing what a bed bug (and a bed bug bite) looks like, how to treat a bed bug outbreak, and what to avoid if you think you have bed bugs are the keys to rapidly and successfully handling the issue. Even though it seems impossible, the problem is manageable with perseverance and quick work.

Why Are They Known as “Bed Bugs”?

Cimex lectularius, which translates to “bug of the bed,” is the Latin name for bedbugs. But do not be deceived; the bothersome creatures can be found anyplace. According to John Furman, president of the pest control business Boot-A-Pest in New York City, “bed bugs are frequently detect in your bed because they want to feed on you at night while you are still,” “However, I usually claim that the bed is responsible for 70% of the infestation and the rest of the room for the other 30%. They may hide under the sofa, behind picture frames, or in the baseboard crevices throughout your flat.”

Bed Bugs Can Affect Everyone

Bed Bugs

According to Susan Jones, Ph.D., an associate professor of entomology at Ohio State University, “bed bugs have an unwarranted stigma.” “Bed bugs can affect anyone, the CDC notes on its website. They have nothing to do with messy living quarters, a specific amount of poverty, or anything else like that.”

Therefore, whether you experience them or know someone who does, remember that it has nothing to do with your personal hygiene routine. Jeff Eisenberg, the owner of Pest Away Exterminating, tells Woman’s Day that “none of it matters.” Every woman whose home I handle tells me how frequently they shower, how clean they are, and that they get manicures.

How To Act Immediately During the Day, If You locate a Bed Bug in Your House

Put on mattress and box spring covers, but box spring coverings should be your top priority. There are many hiding places because box springs include a lot of wood.

  • Place traps and monitors out.
  • For advice on where to look, refer to the stages above.
  • Employ a specialist.
  • When they discover a one-bed bug, some individuals repair their house; others keep an eye out for them until they discover others.

Factors For Why You Might Find Bed Bugs During the Day

  • You brought in a hungry hitchhiker looking for a blood feast.
  • One of your neighbors may be self-treating if you reside in an apartment complex. There is a chance that some bed bugs will move into your flat if someone nearby is self-treating.
  • You took a trip and were unaware that your suitcase contained a bed bug. A few weeks later, you might discover the bed bug running around your house hunting for a blood meal.
  • The bed bugs are dispersing because you accidentally disturbed them by changing a sheet.
  • Bed bugs are found in couches or chairs where nobody sleeps at night. In this situation, we will observe them start to move and feed during the day.
  • Your place of employment is experiencing a bed insect problem. There may be bed bugs on the office furniture during the daylight hours because nobody is there at night.

Are Bed Bugs Harmful?

Research has yet to establish that bed bugs are more damaging than just giving you the heebie-jeebies, in contrast to many other pests and insects. But that does not imply that they should be dismissed as unimportant. Jones also thinks the study is “incomplete and inconclusive.” They pose harm to mental health, according to Eisenberg. Bed bug obsession can cause people to lose weeks’ worth of sleep, according to Jones. The paranoia I have is related to bed bugs.”

Additionally, it is demonstrated that those who already have allergies or asthma are made worse by bed bugs.

Describe the Appearance Of a Bed Bug Bite

It’s challenging to see a suspicious bite and decide against looking up the diagnosis right away on Dr. Google. It doesn’t necessarily follow that your bites will look a certain way just because a website claims that bed bug bites have a particular appearance. Jones claims that bites frequently occur in groups of three or in a breakfast, lunch, dinner” pattern, but Furman estimates that around 30% of people don’t react to bites. And some people might only eat a few widely spaced bites.

Don’t believe you can wait all night to outsmart these pests, even though they enjoy emerging in the early morning. The main feeding period for bed bugs is between 2 and 5 in the morning, but if you work nights, they may come out during the day to feed on you, according to Furman. Jones says they are drawn to a person’s body heat and much more so to the carbon dioxide they exhale.

Can Dogs Detect Bed Bugs? 

Yes, if they are properly trained and handled. Bed bug detection dogs are train to focus on a specific scent, like a bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs. Furman, however, claims, “A dog is a device which is use to guide its person to a certain search region.

What Natural Treatments Should You Use For Bed Bugs?

Whatever you do, avoid attempting to fumigate your home yourself to remove bed bugs. Even if a bug bomb or fogger purports to be intend for bed bugs, Jones advises against using it. All it will do if you live in an apartment is disperse them throughout your flat and give them to your neighbors.

According to Jones, boric acid and other sprays from the supermarket won’t either. It is crucial to contact a professional, and it is ideal to do so as soon as possible. Jones says, “You’ve got to take care of this now. “Bed bugs can swiftly spiral out of hand since one female can produce 500 eggs in her lifespan.”

If You Have Bed Bugs, What Should You Do?

The idea that if you have bed bugs, you must throw away your mattress and send all of your stuff to the dry cleaners is a prevalent one. Not true! Furman asserts that heat is the main factor in bed bug eradication. Exterminators use a combination of deep heat, chemical treatments, and dry steam cleaning to treat rooms and furnishings.

Put your clothing in the dryer for 30 minutes at a temperature of at least 120 degrees if it has been in an infested area to kill any bugs.


Most certainly not the best circumstance for a homeowner is dealing with a bed insect infestation. In addition to having a bothersome insect that feeds on your skin and blood, waiting for your neighborhood pest control firm to get rid of these pests could be expensive.

To acquire the most trustworthy recommendation for a pest control firm that can solve your bed bug problem, it’s a good idea to contact your neighborhood house inspection team.


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