Action camera microphone attachment: Quick Guide

Action camera microphone attachment: Quick Guide

Mostly action camera or DSLR (Digital Single – Lens Reflex) provide great quality video. However these cameras cannot provide good quality of audio. A solution to this problem is to fit action cameras with external microphones. You can use an action camera microphone attachment to capture audio for most cameras and digital recorders. If you are looking external microphone for best audio quality you need to purchase external microphone for your action camera or GoPro (American Company to build action cameras). External microphones can help to reduce noise of wind and improve the quality of voice recordings.

Choose Correct Action camera microphone attachment:

When we choose an action camera for high resolution video then it is important to choose best microphone for action camera.

“A good quality microphone has a settle sound and they will neutralize the environmental noises in the back.”

For profession users, who want to better quality of video then audio is better for its video. I am further discussing quality of audio in the other article.

Some Important Types of Action camera microphone attachment:

For choosing of best external microphone you want to know about types of microphones. Microphones can be categorized according to used. Some important types of mics are given below:



This category microphone used electromagnetism to convert sound into electrical signals. These are mostly used type of microphones. It is less expensive compare to other types of mics.



These microphones are better and provide higher quality then dynamic mics. Most of mics are omnidirectional or bidirectional.



These types of mics are high directional; it looks like a shotgun barrel. It is best mics for those locations where you want to focus on one sound.



Lavaliermics also known as the name of Lapel mics and Clip-on mics. It has designed for broadcaster clothes and it has easy to connect with their body.

Some Action camera microphone attachment In 2023:

There are many types of microphones that are used according to choice. Some important and popular microphones are discussed below:

·         Rode Wireless GO II

When you use action camera where you can not want to attached a wire, then Rode Wireless GO II is a best microphone for your action camera. It first version was good but this latest version II adds on some excellent features that making it more useful for high quality run. This is light weight and unique clip’n’ go design.  It consists of three basic units:

  • Two transmitter
  • One dual channel receiver
  • 31 gram has weights

It is consisting of built in internal storage that allowing for 24 hours of compressed audio. Battery time internal memory is 7hours for uncompressed recording. In first version transmission distance is 70m but this latest version provide 200m transmission distance. This is most common action microphone attachment in 2022 for Vloggers and Youtubers.

·         Sennheiser MKE 400

The sennheiser MKE 400 is a best microphone for unidirectional. Its design helps to reduce the noise as well as the gave voice clarity audio. It is also reduce the vibration when you are on the movement. Audio quality is excellent, as it to be brand synonymous with top-notch recording and reproduction. It has a small in size which comes in handy and it has a headphone jack. The MKE 400 runs on two AAA batteries that provide you 100 hours of audio recording. It is also lite weight that has only 344g.

·         Rode Video Micro

The compact and light weight design for Rode Video Micro excellent choice. It has only 42g weighs and is a minute 21mmx21mmx80mm. One the best quality is that you do not need to change the battery or recharged. It has powered by the action camera itself. Other one best feature is that you can easily connect to your action camera and even a smartphones. The only one bad feature is that it is slightly flimsy supporting structure, when camera moves in other direction.

·         MovoVXRio Universal Video Microphone

The Movo VXR microphone is a shotgun mic. It has an aluminum casing and an internal shock mount. It has size only to your middle finger. Movo VXR microphone has supported to action camera and other smart phones. It has consist of a deadcat windscreen and mic adapter. TTRS adapter is referred itfor action cameras and TRS for smart mobile phones. It has less price as compared to other mics. But it does not handle proper loud noise well.

·         Rode SmartLav+LavalierCondensor Microphone

The Rode SmartLav+ is another omnidirectional lavalier microphone. It has extremely lite weight. The sound quality on Rode SmartLav+ is far. It has provide best voice clarity in cheap price by downloading its app. The lighter version does not give you more advanced settings features but in Pro version provide more features. If you used Rode smartLav+ with action camera then you will purchase the 6m long SC3 adapter that available from Rode website.

What type of Mice Adapter you need for Action camera microphone attachment?

Every microphone attachment you will need additional Mic adapter to connect a microphone to your action camera. The adapter listed below work by connecting 3.5mm jack.

HERO 10 BLACK,HERO 9 BLACK,HERO 8 BLACK,HERO 7 BLACK,HERO 6 BLACK,HERO 5 BLACK,HERO 4 BLACK are adapter supported for GoPro action camers.

Final Thoughts:

Action cameras are important for excellent video then compulsory to provide best voice. For excellent voice, need of external microphones. There are many categories’ of external microphone of different conditions and purposed. I hope you will be find good choice of microphone for action camera by read of this information.


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